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Mrs. Warner


The O’Roarke Library is a grand place to visit where thousands of books live, just waiting to be checked out by curious, imaginative children.

Students in grades 1-5 and full-day Kinder visit the library once a week with their class, but they are welcome to come in and exchange their books anytime. K – 1st grade students may check out 1 book at a time and 2nd – 5th students may check out 2 and on occasion 3 books at a time. Books must be returned before new ones are checked out. CCSD regulations state that parents are responsible for payment of any lost or damaged books so please encourage your students to keep books safe and handle them carefully.

Accelerated Reader ( AR ) is one of our leading software programs at O’Roarke. It is a comprehensive reading program which all 1st – 5th grade students participate in. Students work towards grade level goals during the year and may earn rewards. If you would like to monitor your child’s progress in AR you can log on to AR home connect at
Ask your students for their AR username and password to enter the site.


Please take the time at home to read to and with your children. Even your 5th grader isn’t too old to listen to a good story. Make reading a priority and if they must watch TV, turn ON the captioning. If you have any questions, please email me.

Parents, are you wondering which books are AR books and which ones are not? If so, click on the link below to search for AR books. You can also find out the books reading level and how many points the book is worth too. 
AR Book Finder 

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